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One of my hobbies is photography. Particularly nature photography and macro nature photography. My profession is in engineering, and I am a self confessed "Gadget Freak." I love the intricacies of an old typewriter, woodworking tool, bicycle, or fishing reel. I'm fascinated with the detail and skill required to use and maintain an old letter press and the precision of a fine firearm. I am fascinated with the tools used in the art of making a photograph, so I gravitated to collecting an assortment of cameras and accessories.

Below is a list and description of my collection. These items are not for sale

Collectible Cameras

Kodak No. 2 Brownie Model F box camera   Kodak No. 2 Brownie  Model F  box camera

The Model F was released in 1924 and offered in five colors from 1929 to 1933. The winding key was replaced with a knob in 1931, so my red leatherette covered metal box with two reflecting finders and key was made between April 1929 and 1931.
Film size: 120 roll film. Picture size: 2 1/4 X 3 1/4"
Original price of colored models $2.50
Approximate current value: $30-50

Kodak Brownie BulletKodak Brownie Bullet

Introduced: Sept 1957  Discontinued: 1964
Film size: 127  Picture size: 1 5/8 X 2 1/2"
Approximate worth: $8-12

I received one of these for my 8th birthday, from my aunt and uncle. They then took me to the Columbus, Ohio airport to take photos from the observation deck. This was my start in photography.

Agfa PD16 Readyset   Agfa PD 16 Readyset

Folding bellows camera with black leatherette covered metal body. Tripod mounts on bed and body, with fold down leg, timer mode and rotating viewfinder.
Film size: Agfa PD16 roll film (approximately the size of 127 roll film).

Zeiss Ikon Maximar (207/7)Zeiss Ikon Maximar

Folding bellows camera with Mico Springback, bubble level, and rotating viewfinder.
Zeiss Tessar 13.5cm f/4.5 lens with stops from 4.5 to 32
Speed: bulb to 1/200 sec
Film size: 9cm X 12cm
More information and photo forthcoming.

Zeiss Ikon Contessa 35Zeiss Icon Contessa 35

Folding camera with Zeiss-Tessar 45mm f/2.8 lens and Synchro Compur MX synch shutter, coupled range finder and built in exposure meter.
Film size: 35mm cartridge. Picture size: 1 X 1 1/2"
Original price $214, Eveready case $12
Approximate current value: $200

It is in nearly perfect shape, and the selenium meter still works within 1/3 stop. It has the readyset case, box with labels, manual, price list, registration card, certificate of guarantee, carrying strap still in it's wrapper,a Zeiss Icon 35mm guide book by Kenneth Tydings, and even the brochure from Brooks Camera in San Francisco. This camera was new in 1953.

Yashica Mat-124G   Yashica Mat-124G

This twin-lens reflex camera is well known for its exceptional quality at a reasonable price. It's 2 1/4" X 2 1/4" images at f/8 to f/11 will rival a 35mm costing tenfold the price, while the larger apertures will yield a little softer image. It has a Yashinon 80mm f/2.8 viewing lens and a Yashinon 80mm f/3.5 taking lens. The Copal-SV leaf shutter speeds are 1 second to 1/500 second, as well as bulb, with built in self-timer and MX flash synchronization. The match needle CdS meter is viewable in front of the fold up waist level finder, and there is a 3X magnifying lens and sport finder.

Film size: 120/220 roll film.
Click here to see a larger image of the camera, with case and lens covers.

Minolta 16 sub-miniature cameraMinolta 16

The Minolta 16 camera uses 16mm film cartridges, and is about half the size of a cigarette pack. The shutter is cocked and the film is advanced when the camera is opened. The lens is a Rokkor 25mm f/3.5 to f/11 fixed focus, with accessory close-up attachment lens (2 feet and 3 feet). Shutter speed is 1/25, 1/50, or 1/200. There is a flash synchro terminal and a film counter.

I have the camera (ser# 20000), both close-up lenses, eveready case, wrist strap, manual, guarantee certificate,hang-tag, and blue flocked and lined box. Original price $39.95
Click here to see a larger image of the camera, manual, and box.

Whittaker Micro 16 sub-miniature camera  Whittaker Micro 16

16mm film cartridge in a die cast case about the size of a deck of cards. It has a 90 degree viewfinder, and an optional slide-on eye level finder similar to a sport finder. Aperture is controlled by a lever that switches among three sized openings in a disk: "Bright, Dull, and Color". There is a shutter lever on the front and a plunger that is recessed in the side to advance the film. A film counter is viewable through an opening in the back. Original price for this camera was $29.70 and was made by Wm. R. Whittaker, Ltd. Los Angeles, California around 1947.
Click here to see an image of the back of the camera and the eye level finder.

Echo 8 sub-miniature camera

Another so-called spy camera, this one uses 8mm film and is in a slightly oversized Zippo-style lighter case. It even has the striker wheel, flint and wick. To use it, you would slide open the hidden panel on top, flip up the lighter's lid, frame your shot with the 90 degree viewfinder, and trip the shutter. To look nonchalant about the whole affair, you could perform the above while trying to light a cigarette.

The camera has an Echor 15mm f/3.5 lens with settings for f/3.5, f/5.6, and f/11. There is also an adjustment for shutter speed of "B" and "I", or "1". Unfortunately, this camera is not in working condition. It appears that the die cast body of the camera has swelled in the steel case, making it impossible to remove the mechanism or get to the film cartridge. The shutter is stuck, and the film advance will not roll. Still, it makes a nice conversation piece.

Minolta SRT-201

Minolta Hi-Matic E

Modern Cameras

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX7

Nikon F4s w/MB-20 and MB-21

Nikon F4s

Nikon D200 Digital SLR

Nikon D-200

Nikon D750 Digital SLR

Nikon D-750
Take a look at my D750 and Accessories Page.

If you have any questions, send email to Steve, photo@MorrisGarage.commailbox image

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