2005 Honda Metropolitan (CHF50)

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2005 Honda Metropolitan
CVT Transmission

Performance Mods:

Suspension Mods:

Cosmetic/Convenience Mods:
Scooter Seat Covers Kiwi & Cream Seat Cover
Honda Rear Carrier
Honda Inner Basket (white - repainted to match leg shield)
Givi E30-N Top Case
Kijima Polished Aluminum Exhaust Trim (before)
Kijima Polished Aluminum Radiator Cover (after)
Urban Scootin' Sticker

Coming Soon/Waiting to Install:
Kitaco Variator Kit

Safety Related:
M2R 227 Deluxe Open Face Helmet w/Flip-Up Shield
Powertrip San Jose Mesh Jacket w/Armor (front, back)

Canyon Dancer bar harness transport hold-downs
Battery Tender Junior Charger w/Pigtail
Grip Lock Throttle/Brake Lock

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